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libhandy-rs v0.6.0 is out!


Recently I kind of took over the maintainership of libhandy-rs, the Rust bindings of libhandy. I have since then been preparing for a new release so that Rust & GTK app developers can update to the latest gtk-rs release as soon as possible. I also heavily depend on it on my various little apps.

The latest release which targets libhandy-0.0 v0.0.13 features various improvements:

  • Proper documentation support, note that the docs are built from the main branch

  • Builders support

  • Generate more missing bindings

  • Starting from this release, libhandy-rs have a libhandy::init() which should be called right after gtk::init()

The next release of libhandy-rs will be targeting libhandy-1 and will hopefully adds the latest missing bits for a complete Rust bindings of libhandy.

A big thanks to the GTK-rs community, I learned so much stuff by contributing :)

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.