Read It Later, yet an other GTK & Rust application


Late last year, I wanted to find an application that I can try the Rust async features with it. I started looking for a service that had a nice Rust API wrapper already and I started prototyping Read It Later on top of wallabag-rs.

Read It Later, is a well designed Wallabag client.  It’s built with Rust, GTK & libhandy on the UI side. It’s fully adaptive which makes it Linux on pocket ready and also comes with a beautiful icon designed by Tobias Bernard.

App Icon Preview

Screenshot taken using App Icon Preview

It allows you to do the basic things:

  • Login/Logout/Sync
  • Add/Favorite/Archive/Delete an article
  • Dark Mode Reader
  • Adaptive UI

Login View

Articles View

Article View

Adaptive View

You can grab it already from Flathub at If you would like to contribute, the source code is available at

So far, writing apps with GTK & Rust have been a fun experience. GNOME Builder & Flatpak made the developer experience smooth 🙂