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Tick Tock Clocks got redesigned!


Few months back, I convinced Zander Brown to take over GNOME Clocks with me and we have been working hard to refresh the code base and give it a new look for GNOME 3.36.

So far, we have got all the four panels re-designed based on the mockups made by the GNOME design team.


Alarms Setup




Of course, one major thing about the new design is that the application is fully adaptive now.

Alarms Adaptive

Stopwatch Adaptive

Timer Adaptive

World Adaptive

The rest of the changes were basically code cleanup. It’s very satisfying to drop 500+ lines of dead code.

We have also added GNOME Clocks to the newcomers projects, you should be able to pick up Clocks from GNOME Builder which will hopefully help us attract more contributors. Please reach us at on Matrix if you would like to get involved.

The re-design is on master now, if you have some time to give it a try and report back that would be awesome! It should hit gnome-nightly pretty soon!

PS: sorry for the last minute translation work

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.